Sunday, July 17, 2011

"What is Life"

What is life if you can't be free to love
to let go
to give freely, wholeheartedly
to understand without having to ask
to see things clearly
to make others happy without having to try so hard
to be natural in our actions
to seek our dreams
because everyday is an adventure
to work at something you love
but not for fame and fortune
to savor every moment
to trust in yourself because only you know what's best
to revisit memories because they're the best gifts of the past
to learn something new everyday
to listen to others because everyone has something worth listening to
to laugh
to dance
to sing
to paint
to cook something from scratch
to drink your best bottle of wine
to fulfill cravings whether it be food or desires
to get to know someone all over again
to kiss those we love, everyday
to give hugs
to cry for no reason because it feels good
to cherish life
it's not easy, but no one ever said it would be
just do it
let go
and smile


  1. "For Mison" I will never forget your courageous way of living and I will never forget you.

  2. Absolutely wonderful words, thanks for sharing Linda. While all your words have such strong emotion and feeling, the first line is extremely powerful ... 'What is life if you can't be free to love'. Love it.