Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing pains

It's seems odd, having the reality of "you never really know anyone" sink in
especially twice in one month's time; selfishness rules the current world

I wake up numb to its existence, fighting off the memories once dear
then a picture surfaces or a common connection re surges and I fall prey

I have often prided myself on being kind, but I learned its failure hard
Spoken secrets have an enemy and I find myself watching my back religiously

Where is the message? --- pins are knocked down, but my triumphs are kept in the dark
There's no one in the audience and I falter, for my rehearsed words have no meaning

Empty and unhealthy relationships have returned to assist me off the wagon
I see myself losing sight of sincere matters and those most devoted to my soul

Although not an answer, this much I know -- there will always be growing pains
age does not constitute its position, the feelings are the same, but taken in differently

It is painful regardless, but I almost crave the reaction of a child's versus my own
they are most resilient, while feeling invincible; it's harder to forgive as we grow up

I see the challenges of being a sole adventurer, that is possibly priceless at its best
to build endurance and chase after dreams and watch the world through my own eyes

I have questioned the prediction of fateful turns, if I had known, would it change things?
that's when uninvited emotions come to haunt me, I fight back to regain survival

Will I trust less, care less, desire less?  Will friendship represent regretful decisions?
It can't be so, timing represents everything, we become who we are through such experiences

So I will take these lessons and apply them to my life, through this journey of who I am
I was an impact once and although I am not present in yours, these impacts are forever embedded

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wine Thoughts, Fine Vines, Small Production

Now this blog was mainly conceived based on the desire to start writing again, but I still felt the need to say a little something about the following wines I tried.  I did not spend as much time as I so desired, but I wanted to tell you about three winemakers/proprietors that I spoke and tasted with yesterday at the Fine Vines Small Production wine tasting that really blew me away.
Cold Heaven Cellars Buellton, California
Viognier, Santa Ynez Valley 2009 - the sexiest of their three Viogniers.  It had a supple texture and contained notes of peeled stone fruits and almond skin.  It was smoky with a great mid-palate and balanced structure.  I was very impressed, nonetheless, it was Viognier from California.
Viognier, Le Bon Climat Vineyard 2009 - my favorite.  Terrior driven, Condrieu esque, had great acidity and meyer lemon pulp bursting predominantly on the finish that kept on going.  It was really juicy and very food friendly.  Wish I had a bottle right now.
Pinot Noir, Makepeace 2009 - harmonious.  Ripe red and black fruits, brown spice, muted floral notes, and strong acid structure.  I can drink this Pinot all the time.  Especially with a good meal.  Yum.  Definitely one of my new favorite Pinot Noir producers in the Central Coast.
Ceja Vineyards  Napa Carneros, California
Vino de Casa White, Napa 2008 - a blend of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Marsanne, Roussanne, and a splash of Viognier.  It was floral and racy with yellow citrus and apple notes.  It had a finish that was constantly changing.  That's when the complexity came through.
Chardonnay, Napa Carneros 2008 - I don't like Chardonnay, normally.  There I said it.  I, however, really liked this Chardonnay.  Well balanced, fleshy mouthfeel, and juicy apple acid on the finish.
Pinot Noir, Carneros 2007 - sexy and divine.  Ripe cherry fruits, smoky, balanced and a lot going on the palate.  This is a wine that you can cellar for a few more years.
Shinn Estate Vineyards Mattituck, New York
Sauvignon Blanc, First Fruit, North Fork of Long Island 2010 - whenever Sauvignon Blanc can impart a floral character then I'm hooked.  Gooseberry fruits on the nose, but the palate was different.  The flavors kept changing and I liked it.  Wines from the east coast still intrigue me.
Merlot Estate, North Fork of Long Island 2008 - another floral wine.  This time it was the combination of purple flowers, chocolate and black plums that swooned me.
Coalescence (White Blend), North Fork of Long Island 2010 - a blend of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.  The red grapes are pressed immediately after being picked and then cold fermented with the white grapes.  It is a white wine with a pink hue and it's pretty to look at.  A really fresh wine that would be great with food.  Let's just say, "me like".

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"What is Life"

What is life if you can't be free to love
to let go
to give freely, wholeheartedly
to understand without having to ask
to see things clearly
to make others happy without having to try so hard
to be natural in our actions
to seek our dreams
because everyday is an adventure
to work at something you love
but not for fame and fortune
to savor every moment
to trust in yourself because only you know what's best
to revisit memories because they're the best gifts of the past
to learn something new everyday
to listen to others because everyone has something worth listening to
to laugh
to dance
to sing
to paint
to cook something from scratch
to drink your best bottle of wine
to fulfill cravings whether it be food or desires
to get to know someone all over again
to kiss those we love, everyday
to give hugs
to cry for no reason because it feels good
to cherish life
it's not easy, but no one ever said it would be
just do it
let go
and smile