Monday, June 20, 2011

How it broke

I watch the games you play, at your leisure
trust me when I say you will repeat your words, only with kindness
only then I won't care or turn around

How I tire - from hiding behind the curtain
my role requires me to keep my costume on
the audience oblivious to the true actress inside me

I walk the roads, in my favorite shoes with no socks
Anything that will harden my heart and not my feet
Anytime I am allowed freedom, I accept it earnestly

I have often been told, I possess great gifts
I am thankful, but feel as if I meant to be without
the truest passion within often forsakes me for the wrong choice

Timing is everything in my world
the beauty in this, is learning to accept its tranquility
even at times when its most darkest

I have awoken, I choose this
treading the waters in hopes of overcoming my fears
how it broke will one day be forgotten

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