Thursday, June 23, 2011

Addictive Measures

I cannot stray from it
how often I have tried
I turn here, I turn there
I convince myself of the lie
but somehow, some way
it crawls back to me on its knees
and I can’t help myself
the way I see it
I don’t know any different

there are layers
like flavors in a wine
the more complex
the more magnetic the connection is
it is because it represents your every person
when you’re nice and gentle
or put on the bitch mask
when you’re sad or happy or both
when you see needs that are indifferent to others
feeling 200 percent sincere
all of these mean something
and the feeling is intensified
when the addiction exists

your soul begins to open up
you are changing scenes
this is complexity
set me aside, you think at first
you want to hang on to the previous nuance
sadly, you realize you’ve become submissive
and it’s a new world, the layers linger
you get so far in, you discover more
sometimes familiar, sometimes foreign
it softens, it deepens, it defines itself
and before it touches your lips, you taste it already
this is addiction


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