Thursday, November 10, 2011

I wish

I wish we all just lived
without worrying about being pretentious
I wish we all got along
without pushing others to the side
take the time to look around
and watch the world move around you
it gives you a perspective
that is greatly lost in technology
we are too in tune to our apps
and not in tune to reality
I am guilty of this as much
and too damn addicted to it
I force myself to look out the window
see people how they really are
we're all the same with different names
different opinions, and different views
that's quite perfectly alright
these differences make life more interesting
the cyber drug as we know it
has taken away the magic behind writing letters
I promise to write more
as I am writing now, as I will again
I will let my mind go
move slowly and take it all in
after all, we all owe it to ourselves
to not miss a single moment of our lives
money isn't going anywhere
and I mean this literally
if I feel trapped, I walk away
I lose myself to the simple things
I refuse to lose the pricelessness of life
it is within its moment, all along
take hold tight and breathe
it's gonna be alright, you'll see
all you must do
is wish along with me

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