Friday, October 14, 2011

sideway thoughts

slam. the door - taken by surprise, it opened wide then quickly closed with fear
let's make this clear, no - i choose to erase it, i don't want it to ever be near
i took a different view by tilting my head, i grew tiresome - leaving its thoughts behind
in reality, i was fined.  there are losers, mine a result of something i'll never find

there will be days when I falter, then turn blind, and the chalk residue is all i'll have
neither friend or foe can fill my showtime shoes, merely they'll conceive it a fad
no substance can cure this bout of ill chemistry, whatever it was, it was never true
i look upon the blackboard, empty and without words, it was all i knew i could do

i'm done wasting time, without much as a dime, to show for the time i invested
the mystery lies in another frame, troubled.  time to crawl out of this hole i have nested
when i soar, which i will, i will conquer.  there will be crossing guards there beside me
i tilt my head once more, eyes sans sore.  it will dissipate, the clouds, and leave it be

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