Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ode to Uncle Wilson

When we are born into this world

All is pure and untainted, free of hate

Our vision of life is in full color, flawless

We see nothing but good

We feel nothing but trust

and we learn to survive, naturally

As we grow older, we learn of our ways

Our individuality, what sets us apart

We witness our family, friends and strangers

react to who we are

and experiences are born

We grow stronger, we cry and laugh

We realize that when we fall,

we can get right back up again

We learn to trust our instincts,

preparing for mishaps along the way

Suddenly, without even realizing it,

our inner wisdom begins to grow

We unconsciously learn to use it

We change paths, we study, we work

We go through various life stages

We watch distances grow and those once close, drift apart

We struggle, we search, we mend

We dream

We discover our uniqueness can alter depending on its course

We meet our next crowd of influences

For some this includes a partner, children and friends

Puzzling into the structure we’ve been laying the foundation for

We continue

We smile, we frown, we scream

We experience more moments of “not what I thought it would be”

Suddenly, we race to get ahead, to make connections

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense anymore

or maybe it does

We shift gears, we grow older, we dance

We learn to love more vivaciously

We make discoveries, we grow older with those who stand by us,

We learn the true meaning of contentment, to make do

We still cry, we laugh deeply, we rest more or less

we look back, we see life panoramically and it overwhelms us to realize

what a journey it had been

This is how we learn to let go

even to those we hold dearly to our hearts

We trust in whatever destiny says,

where our last steps lay

We smile, we remember, we discover the greatest gift of all:

is who we represented in our lives

how our lives intertwined with those around us—

it is in our impacts, our existence in everyone’s lives

that had we not been there then or before it would change everything

we all make our choices

but in the end, we must never forget that we are truly remarkable

and without our presence however shown and/or reflected

would alter how we touched others when we did

This is the mark we leave

What was intended for, what is called fate

Our life’s story tale is written in the stars

When we live, we cast our star onto the world

When we pass, the star returns to the sky

Ready to watch over all we loved dearly

Never leaving their side

And if you stop for a moment, you might still smell his pipe

That of a great man whose star shines tonight

Shines every night

Here is my overdue gift for you Uncle Wilson

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