Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nero d'Avola is sexy

This Nero d’Avola is sexy, in a subtle kind of way. It’s got class, but it knows how to be naughty just when you least suspect it. It’s not a wine that would break the bank, but that’s perfect for anyone these days. It’s got this hue – like a blackberry disguised in a raspberry’s coat. It’s jammy looking, yet not dark enough where you can’t see through. (It’s cheery and cherry at the same time.) The floral aromatics kill me, “yes, if you dig real deep, you can catch a whiff of V.A., but that’s the beauty of this wine – it does a great job of masking it”. Like it’s being cool by being “bad”. Then there’s the morello cherry – this is mature and ripe in every sense. A martial balance of perfectly ripe raspberries and vibrant cranberries exist. Rustic meets modern in this approachable and versatile wine. Finishing touches on the aroma journey include smooth gravel, brown baking spices, and roasted coffee beans but in a secret kind of way, followed with milk chocolate dipped in dark chocolate. Are you beginning to see its flirtatious side? Against my tongue, there was an initial presence of tannins that mixed tar with sand minus the texture weight: == “open me up whenever need be and I’ll be ready”. Then it welcomed me further in with flavors of gingerbread, violets – again with the ample floral notes, lush raisinated blackberries, and warming clove. The acid is just enough to pair with rustic foods, such as grains, herbs, and olives. The tannins are enough to match up to its native counterpart: a Caponata or Peperonata stew and doesn’t require much exposure to air before indulging into. Morello cherry appears – it is juicy and pleasant; the mid palate brings its gentler side, followed by coffee beans and chocolate heaven. Brown spice on the finish and the blackberry returns. Did I mention swordfish as an optimal food pairing? Aw yes, that would be nice.

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  1. I wrote this piece in submission of a wine poem contest that The Tasting Panel conducted last year. I had to keep trimming it to keep it within 100 word limit, needless to say, I did not win, but I still favor the original draft.