Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swooned by bacon

Oscar Meyer won me as a child with its cured meat
every Saturday, without fail, I’d devour the treat
Thankful to my dear mother who never cut me off
four perfect strips, crispy edges and center soft
Then I grew and I knew, it would never leave
the love had grown into layers of fat BLTs
Four times two would do, joined by tomato slice
a club of toast, mayo, and lettuce means repeat twice
Well hello, I said to pork belly, its grand name
you’ve grown into this decadent thick cut of game
Who kept you from me, I’ll cut his arm and dispose
honorable fat, slutty meat pieces, goodness composed
Oh bacon how you carried me through heartache and clout
comfort food was named after you, of this there’s no doubt
Forever faithful I’ll be as I bow down on my knees
no food in the world more adorned, never ceases to please
Where there is harmony, people share a common love and wish
every chef lives his childhood through his showcased dish
Bacon Fest Chicago, an example, unlike no other
bringing all together in peace, bacon sisters and brothers

Note:  this was my submission to the Bacon Fest Poetry Contest 2013.  I did not make the semi-final cut, but I'm proud of my own regardless.

Sexy meat turned into...

Sizzling slices...I can smell it now

Who doesn't love this guy?

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