Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be real

If you can't handle the fire then don't light the flame
I'm not into folks who play mind games
Project sincerity, in every move you make
If you don't like to give then don't try to take
Grow up - it's advice we need every day
Live for the moment but not in harm's way
Reach out, if you think you can conquer
Those who are real are those whom I honor
Listen up, we all learn from each other
In this world, we're all sisters and brothers
I live for harmony, call it the hippie way of life
Peace is the answer - no need for paid advice
Be true, not something to fear or avoid 
Imperfections build the character we learn to employ 
Accept individuality, we own special gifts within
The beauty is where we see it and use them to win
Don't rationalize, it'll put your mind in jail
Believe me when I say your soul can't cover its bail 
Let yourself go, breathe in and breathe out
Society is where it begins, of this there's no doubt
Life is layers - work, pleasure, family ties
If you choose to be real then you'll always survive

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